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Wood Fence Installation

Explore our variety of wood fence styles and options. Customize any style with top caps, trim, lights, etc.

Fence Material

Western Red Cedar - At 1st Post Fencing, we only use Western Red Cedar on all of our Cedar Fences. Reason being, cedar is naturally resistant to harmful elements such as weathering, rot, decay, and termite damage. Cedar is also a lightweight product that is extremely durable, allowing it to put less stress on the posts and framework of the fence. Not to mention, western red cedar has a beautiful natural look to it. Using a high quality western red cedar you are sure to get the longest life out of your new fence.

Pressure Treated Pine - Treated pine products are a more budget friendly option when it comes to building a fence. This type of wood is durable, heavy, and resistant to outdoor elements at first. However pressure treated pine is capable of warping and twisting as the treatment wears off and the weather changes. This material is also susceptible to discoloration as early as one year into its life. Staining a treated fence can help prevent some of these issues however you must wait to stain treated wood until the treatment from the factory completely dries into the wood. Even with proper maintenance a pressure treated pine fence will not last as long as a well built cedar fence. As pressure treated pine will get the job done it is not the most cosmetically pleasing choice and will not last as long as cedar so be sure to take these in consideration when installing your next fence.

Fence Styles

Side-by-Side - This is one of the most popular options for residential fences; a side-by-side fence will provide privacy, security, and functionality from securing your property. Available in dog ear or flat top fence pickets with some other additions including, top cap, trim, kick board, lattice, outdoor lighting, etc. Although a side-by-side fence will provide almost full privacy at first, over time the pickets will shrink up causing small gaps in between them allowing you to see through.

Layout: Vertical/Horizontal

Height: 4' ~ 8'

Board-on-Board - AKA Privacy Fence; another huge favorite for residential properties. This style consists of two layers of pickets which are overlapping one another. Often called a privacy fence for good reason, over time even with pickets shrinking and moving, gaps will not occur in between pickets providing full privacy for your backyard. A board-on-board fence is often paired with a top cap and trim however the add-ons are not necessary. This style uses a bit more material and labor than a side-by-side however it produces such a beautiful outcome you will love and enjoy your fence for years.

Layout: Vertical/Horizontal

Height: 4' ~ 8'

Shadow Box - A shadow box fence consists of pickets on both sides of the rails, each one offset from one another. This is a unique style that is sure to catch the eye of any by passer. Capable of securing your property, a shadow box fence is not a great option for privacy. While it does provide privacy if you're looking directly at it, you will be able to see through the fence at an angle.

Layout: Vertical/Horizontal

Height: 4' ~ 8'

Split Rail/Post & Rail - A more agricultural option, split rail fences are built with two or three horizontal wood rails and are mainly used to establish property lines or contain large livestock. This style provides no privacy which makes it great choice if you're looking to preserve a nice open view.

Layout: Horizontal

Height: 4'

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