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Who are we?

1st Post Fencing is a Fort Worth locally owned Fence Company established in 2019. After working with other fence contractors throughout the years, we saw an opportunity in the market to exceed industry standard. Many fence contractors in the DFW area focus solely on "efficiency" resulting in cut corners and a short lived fence. Here at 1st Post Fencing we provide the perfect balance, we developed an installation process that is unique to every property which focuses on attention to detail before efficiency. This allows us to build every fence to the exact needs of your property and give your home the clean look it deserves. There's no doubt that a new fence can get pricey, this is why it's important to choose the right contractor for your project. Not only will the end result always look great, our process will ensure the longevity of your new fence so you won't have to worry about it again for decades to come. From our sales team to our installation experts, we assure every team member is well-trained and informed on what goes into constructing a perfect fence. The moment you get into contact with one of our team leads they will always be available and on site from start to finish providing you with peace of mind that the project will always result exactly as discussed.


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Phone: (817) 938-5438


Fort Worth, TX 76244

Phone Hours: Mon-Sat 9:00-6:00

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