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Fence Stain & Seal Treatment

Learn more about what Stain & Seal can do for your fence. Using the best quality products, stain & seal treatment is sure to make your new or old fence look great!

Benefits of Staining Your Fence

Fence Stain & Sealant will provide multiple benefits to your new or old fence. Most importantly, a professional application of a high quality stain & sealant will protect and preserve your fence for many years. This application will prevent water from seeping into your fence which will cause rot and deterioration, protect it from UV rays, and deter harmful insects such as termites. Leaving your fence exposed to any of these elements will severely decrease the lifespan and beauty of your wood fence.

Another great benefit of staining your fence is the visual appearance an expert stain & seal application can provide. We offer a wide variety of high-quality exterior stain colors to choose from, these options can do anything from preserve the natural appearance of new wood or match colors and aesthetics of your home.

When to Stain Your Fence

We always recommend getting an initial stain application on a new fence install, then every two years following. Although if you have an old fence that hasn't been stained in a while, a fresh coat will always help bring some life back into it. A new fence requires little preparation before we're able to stain, on any fence installed 6+ months prior we recommend a thorough power wash or soft wash done to remove any dirt/debris from the surface. Another element to note before staining your fence is the weather. A proper stain application must be applied when the fence is completely dry and the fence must stay dry for 48 hours prior to staining your fence. If we are spraying your fence, the wind must not exceed 18+ mph to ensure an even coat.

Types of Fence Stain

The two main types of fence stain are oil based and acrylic based. Oil is always the best choice for exterior stain projects for many reasons including its penetrating capabilities, low maintenance, and lifespan. A proper application of a high quality oil based stain & sealant will always outnumber acrylic based stain in all of these attributes. However if you're looking for a matte based solid color, an acrylic stain may be the best choice for you.

Ultimately any type of fence stain is better than nothing at all and both options will protect your fence from outside elements such as moisture and UV rays. Although an oil based stain will provide the most protection and least maintenance both will come in at a similar price point after application.

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