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Fence Installation

1st Post Fencing is a turn-key Fence Installation and Stain Specialist contractor. Our highly experienced team will walk you through the whole process between choosing the right material and helping customize it to the look that's right for you! Cedar Fencing is always the recommended route to take if you're looking for your new fence to really last and keep its beauty over the years. However Pressure Treated Pine is another great product we offer that won't break the bank! Some popular styles we have in the area are standard side-by-side and privacy board-on-board Fencing. Either of these can be customized to your preferences or we can start from scratch with a design of your own!

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Fence Staining
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The crew at 1st Post Fencing are true experts in the field of Fence/Deck Stain and Seal. Each stain specialist with us is required to attend a 2 day field course on how to properly Clean, Stain, & Seal the fence or deck properly. We make sure to use only oil based products when staining your fence not only because of its beautiful look, but because of the significant advantages and quality difference it has over acrylic. Oil based stain will properly absorb into the surface and protect every pore/crevice in the material which will ensure a long lasting fence! We do recommend a yearly stain and seal treatment on a new fence to get the maximum life span.

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